Bug in Percona Mysql

During our experiments with Percona server 5.5.13 (which is new for us cause we use 5.1 in production still) we have discovered an interesting bug leading to mysql server hangs on any query involving binary logs (e.g SHOW MASTER LOGS or FLUSH LOGS). Fairly speaking it is unknown for us if it is Percona or Mysql bug. It appears only with “row” binary log format.

In our environment this bug can be reproduced with  only two SQL queries:

SET sql_log_bin = 0;

These queries are sequentially executed, for example, by Facebook OnlineSchemaChange script – that is how we’ve found this issue. Unfortunately, 5.5.14 which has been released several days ago is not available for Debian Squeeze at the moment, so we cannot properly upgrade, but installing Percona 5.5.14 from the .deb packages seems to solve this issue.

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